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I get "player not found" when use a command

If that player is offline, a plugin cannot get that player by its name.
OreAnnouncer since 2.1.0 has started to use LastLoginAPI to store username data and supports offline players, be sure you have installed it to use commands on offline players

How can I prevent alert spam on destroy-placing blocks

Into config.yml there is an option to disable triggering of alerts when a player destroy a block placed by another player, bypass-player-blocks. You can even disable alerts if the player is using a Silk Touch pickaxe, bypass-silk-touch.

I have added a block into block-list but I cannot see it in /oa stats

You have to edit /oa stats message, you can find it into messages.yml.

How an I add a command into the message

To do that you need to make a JSON message instead of a normal text. Learn how to make a JSON string and ask for help on Discord if you need :) Remember that you have to disable hide system to put correct coordinates into the command.