BungeeCord Sync

Parties can be installed on both Spigot and BungeeCord, but you cannot run them together into the same network.
So if you wanna use Spigot only features into your network, you cannot install it into BungeeCord too, for that, I've made a system that will synchronize all Spigot Parties into your network.


  • Spigot server
  • BungeeCord network
  • Parties database must be remote (like MySQL)

How does it work?

Parties will communicate every database update into BungeeCord Plugin Messaging Channel so every other Parties plugin will receive that request and they will fetch latest updates.

The message is sent into every server that have at least 1 player online and have Parties installed with bungeecord-sync option enabled. The plugin will listen for every incoming message.

What is synchronized?

  • Every update that changes the data of a party (description, motd, etc...)
  • Chat messages (optional)
  • Broadcast messages (optional)


As you can image, for every update you must send a message into the network and every other Parties plugin will make a request to the database. This is an expensive procedure but everything is asynchronous so it won't impact on server TPS.

However, if you are running multiple Parties on a lot of server with a lot of players you should think to change into the BungeeCord version.