How to upgrade

This page is dedicated for users that needs to update Parties from an old version to a new one without lose their data.


Since old versions of Parties there is a problem with upgrade an old database YAML into a new one without lose data. That's why I highly recommend to convert into a SQL database to upgrade Parties.

Make a backup before upgrade!

Upgrade rules

Follow this order to upgrade your Parties version!

  • 1.4 => 1.5 (Only MySQL*)
  • 1.5 => 1.6/1.7 (Only MySQL*)
  • 1.7 => 2.0/Currently

You need to follow this order by choosing your database type.

* Why? Because with Parties 1.6 the database structure is changed and it's not safe convert it from an old parties data

How upgrade works?

Basically, you just need to start the server with the new version and wait for players login, every time a player/party is loaded, it will be automatically updated to the new version. Due to the fact that you need to wait every player to join you can perform a complete upgrade, described below.

If you are using a SQL database, it will be converted at the start of the plugin, so you don't need to follow a force upgrade procedure.

Force an upgrade (Using both YAML and SQL databases)

You can force an upgrade by using this technique:

  1. Insert old version of Parties
  2. Set up your SQL database (MySQL or SQLite) and force it to load
  3. Reload Parties
  4. Migrate your YAML database into the SQL one (with /party migrate <mysql/sqlite>)
  5. Stop the server and change Parties with the newest one
    1. Be sure that you have configurated it again
  6. Start the server and Parties will convert the old SQL database into the new one
  7. Now you can convert from SQL to YAML with /party migrate yaml
  8. You have done :)