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  • OreAnnouncer is now open source!
  • The plugin has been completely rewritten
  • The configuration is more easy
  • Due to plugin rewrite, the plugin is performing better and some little bugs are fixed
  • Better permissions
  • New file for messages: messages.yml
  • Commands are now configurable
  • Added log system
  • Improved statistics system
  • Fixed prevent announce on placed blocks
  • Added light control system
    • Alert only when a player mines with a low light level
    • It's configurable
  • New obfuscator system
    • You can obfuscate coordinates that are printed next to the &k (player exploit)
  • Improved updater system
    • It starts when the server finishes to load (better performance, no impact on server boot time)
  • New stats system (removed Hidendra one)
  • Code cleanups


  • Fixed spam in console


  • Commands now works
  • New permission to see messages
    • Default for op, give oreannouncer.see
  • Added Gravity Updater
  • New option to prevent announce placed blocks
  • New permission to bypass prevention of placed blocks (
  • Fixed configuration problem