About Parties


Parties is a plugin for Minecraft servers. Currently, it officially supports:

  • Spigot/PaperSpigot
  • Bungeecord/Waterfall
  • Bukkit

This plugin allows the creation of parties, or groups of people, on your server. It can be configured on every aspect, from commands to messages.

If you don't like some features that have been pre-configured for you, you can easily remove them by denying the permission or, if there is an option, disable it via the config.yml.

These are some examples to convince you that this plugin is the one that fits for your server!

  • Simple party manager for your players
  • Create complex kingdoms (Parties have an open API to let developers do whatever they want)
  • Backend to group up players via the API (ex: quests)

I really care about customization, if you find something that cannot be configured just report that to me!

Parties has been created by AlessioDP, you can find his projects here.