API Events

This page is dedicated to explain how Parties events works.

You can handle a Parties event like Bukkit ones:

public void onPlayerChat(PartiesChatEvent event) {
    if (event.getMessage().equals("nope!"))

Some events are cancellable or editable (editable means that you can edit the values of the event).

This is a list of the supported events:

PartiesChatEvent✔ Yes✔ YesAll
PartiesCombustFriendlyFireBlockedEvent✔ Yes✖ NoBukkit
PartiesFriendlyFireBlockedEvent✔ Yes✖ NoBukkit
PartiesPotionsFriendlyFireBlockedEvent✔ Yes✖ NoBukkit
PartiesPlayerJoinEvent✔ Yes✖ NoAll
PartiesPlayerLeaveEvent✔ Yes✖ NoAll
PartiesPartyPreCreateEvent✔ Yes✔ YesAll
PartiesPartyPostCreateEvent✖ No✖ NoAll
PartiesPartyPreDeleteEvent✔ Yes✖ NoAll
PartiesPartyPostDeleteEvent✖ No✖ NoAll
PartiesPartyRenameEvent✔ Yes✔ YesAll