API Events

This page is dedicated to explain how Parties events works.

You can handle a Parties event like Bukkit ones:

public void onPlayerChat(BukkitPartiesChatEvent event) {
    if (event.getMessage().equals("nope!"))

Both Bukkit and Bungee events supported

Due to different event interface between Bungeecord and Bukkit, we must choose which event to handle.
To do that you just need to append Bukkit or Bungee before the event class name, like “BukkitPartiesChatEvent” or “BungeePartiesChatEvent”.

List of events

Some events are cancellable or editable (editable means that you can edit the values of the event).

This is a list of the supported events:

PartiesChatEvent✔ Yes✔ YesAll
PartiesCombustFriendlyFireBlockedEvent✔ Yes✖ NoBukkit
PartiesFriendlyFireBlockedEvent✔ Yes✖ NoBukkit
PartiesPotionsFriendlyFireBlockedEvent✔ Yes✖ NoBukkit
PartiesPlayerPreJoinEvent✔ Yes✖ NoAll
PartiesPlayerPostJoinEvent✖ No✖ NoAll
PartiesPlayerPreLeaveEvent✔ Yes✖ NoAll
PartiesPlayerPostLeaveEvent✖ No✖ NoAll
PartiesPartyPreCreateEvent✔ Yes✔ YesAll
PartiesPartyPostCreateEvent✖ No✖ NoAll
PartiesPartyPreDeleteEvent✔ Yes✖ NoAll
PartiesPartyPostDeleteEvent✖ No✖ NoAll
PartiesPartyRenameEvent✔ Yes✔ YesAll