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Welcome to the wiki of Parties, a party manager plugin for minecraft servers.
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Party SystemAdditional FeaturesExternal System
Customizable ranksEvery option is customizable!UUID support
Chat systemWorks with BungeecordProtocolLib support
Invite with cooldownTag systemPlaceholderAPI support
Prevent friendly fireColorized tab listBanManager support
Party descriptionKills systemSkillAPI support
Party prefix/suffixDivide EXP systemCrackShot support
Party homeIgnore/shutoff notifications systemAPI system
Party teleport to the leaderHide commands without permissionsJSON support
Party color customizableFollow party in servers/worldsStatistics system
Optional limits for members/namesAuto use the command of the leaderGravity updater
Create empty parties (called fixed)Tab complete supportYAML, MySQL and SQLite database
Party delete/renameLog system
Every command/message is configurable


Parties uses the AGPLv3 license (GNU Affero General Public License v3.0).
You can read the license here.

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