Every permission are for operators by default. If a player doesn't have the permission for that command, he cannot use it (help page doesn't show commands that the player doesn't have the permission to use).

So, removing a permission will remove that command/feature, this is a way to remove/disable Parties features.

Permissions are grouped by default into 2 groups:

  • User commands are granted with the permission parties.user.*
  • Admin commands are granted with the permission parties.admin.*

Every permission is listed below:

User permission Description Server
parties.user.acceptAllow access to /party acceptAll
parties.user.chatAllow access to /party chatAll colored party messagesAll
parties.user.colorAllow access to /party colorAll
parties.user.createAllow access to /party createAll
parties.user.denyAllow access to /party denyAll
parties.user.descAllow access to /party descAll
parties.user.helpAllow access to /party or /party helpAll
parties.user.ignoreAllow access to /party ignoreAll
parties.user.infoAllow access to /party infoAll access to /party info on other partiesAll
parties.user.inviteAllow access to /party inviteAll
parties.user.joinAllow access to /party joinAll
parties.user.joindefaultJoin into the default partyAll
parties.user.kickAllow access to /party kickAll
parties.user.leaveAllow access to /party leaveAll
parties.user.listAllow access to /party listAll
parties.user.motdAllow access to /party motdAll
parties.user.muteAllow access to /party muteAll
parties.user.passwordAllow access to /party passwordAll
parties.user.rankAllow access to /party rankAll
parties.user.renameAllow access to /party renameAll
parties.user.sendmessageSend party messagesAll
parties.user.claimAllow access to /party claim with GriefPreventionBukkit
parties.user.homeAllow access to /party homeBukkit
parties.user.home.%TIME%Allow access to /party home with a custom cooldownBukkit
parties.user.protectionAllow access to /party protectionBukkit
parties.user.sethomeAllow access to /party sethomeBukkit
parties.user.teleportAllow access to /party teleportBukkit
Admin permission Description Server
parties.admin.create.fixedAllow access to /party create <party> fixedAll
parties.admin.deleteAllow access to /party deleteAll
parties.admin.delete.silentAllow access to /party delete silentlyAll
parties.admin.join.othersAllow access to /party join in other partiesAll
parties.admin.joindefault.bypassBypass the default joinAll
parties.admin.kick.othersAllow access to /party kick on other playersAll
parties.admin.migrateAllow access to /party migrateAll
parties.admin.rank.bypassBypass rank restrictionsAll
parties.admin.rank.othersAllow access to /party rank on other playersAll
parties.admin.reloadAllow access to /party reloadAll
parties.admin.rename.othersAllow access to /party home on other homesAll
parties.admin.spyAllow access to /party spyAll
parties.admin.updatesSend a message if there is an updateAll
parties.admin.home.othersAllow access to /party home on other homesBukkit friendly fire protectionBukkit
parties.admin.vaultbypassBypass commands that have a priceBukkit

These permissions are used with the party ranks (see config.yml, ranks section). With these permissions, for example, you can let invite players by moderators, just give them the right permission.

You can negate these permissions by inserting ' - ' before.

Party basic permission Description
party.claimAllow access to /party claim
party.homeAllow access to /party home
party.inviteAllow access to /party invite
party.kickAllow access to /party kick
party.sendmessageCan send messages
party.sendmessage.colorSend colored messages
Party edit permission Description
party.edit.colorCan edit the party color
party.edit.descCan edit the party description
party.edit.homeCan edit the party home
party.edit.motdCan edit the party motd
party.edit.passwordCan edit the party password
party.edit.protectionCan toggle friendly fire protection
Party admin permission Description
party.admin.rankAllow access to /party rank
party.admin.renameAllow access to /party rename
party.admin.teleportAllow access to /party teleport
Party not-commands permission Description
party.warnondamageReceive a message when there is a friendly fire attack
party.autocommandEnable autocommand feature
party.bypasscooldownBypass chat and teleport cooldowns