SecurityVillagers is consisted of 4 simple permissions for the users and a bit more for admins.

Permissions are grouped by default into 2 groups:

  • securityvillagers.allow.* basic permissions to interact with villagers
  • securityvillagers.admin.* all permissions

Basic permissionDescription
securityvillagers.eggAllow use of eggs on villagers
securityvillagers.hitAllow melee attacks on villagers
securityvillagers.shootAllow ranged attacks on villagers
securityvillagers.tradeAllow trade with villagers
Admin permissionDescription
securityvillagers.admin.bypass.factionsBypass Factions preventions
securityvillagers.admin.bypass.muteBypass villagers mute
securityvillagers.admin.changeageAllow access to /sv changeage
securityvillagers.admin.helpAllow access to /sv help
securityvillagers.admin.professionAllow access to /sv profession
securityvillagers.admin.protectionAllow access to /sv protection
securityvillagers.admin.reloadAllow access to /sv reload
securityvillagers.admin.selectionAllow use of an item to select villagers