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Parties is an advanced plugin for Minecraft servers (Bukkit, Spigot, BungeeCord, Velocity) that allows the creation of parties (groups/clans/guilds) on your server.
Everything is configurable and modular, if you don't want a feature, just disable it (it won't have a bad impact on the server).

General features

  • 100% configurable
  • Censor system for a lot of features (regex based)
  • Commands are configurable
  • Placeholders system
    • Make custom placeholders for external use
    • Scoreboard (via PAPI) supported
  • Sync data between Spigot and BungeeCord
    • Data sharing configurable
  • Automatic update old configurations
  • Support for HEX colors of MC 1.16+ (&#ff0000)
  • Support for offline players (LastLoginAPI required)

Party features

  • Chat dedicated to the party
  • EXP system
    • Give a level to each party and let them level up
    • Levels are completely customizable and optional
    • Obtain exp by killing normal mobs or via API
  • Fixed parties
    • Permanent parties that don't require a leader
    • Useful for reigns, clans or factions of a server
  • A customizable list of every party
    • Choose the sort system
    • You can filter or hide some parties
  • Fully customizable ranks (roles)
    • You decide every rank of a party
    • Every rank have their own party permissions
    • Every rank have their own rank placeholder
    • Set a limit number of members
  • Tag system
    • Set an unique tag for the party
  • Party color, choose or achieve their own color
  • Party description
  • Party MOTD
  • Member nicknames
  • Invite, ask or join a party with commands
  • Teleport command to tp party members to you
  • Protect your party with a password or just join others with a command
  • Open/close command to allow other users to join
  • Party delete/rename for admins/users
  • Ignore/disable notification commands
  • Server join/leave member message
  • Auto perform leader executed commands
  • Friendly fire protection
    • You can set it globally or toggleable with a command
  • Home and sethome system
  • Kills counter for each party
  • Follow party feature, whenever a player change the world/server, the party will follow him

External features

  • JSON messages supported
  • Asynchronous to avoid server lag
  • API for developers
    • Handle custom events via Bukkit, Bungee or Velocity
    • Handle parties/players data via API
  • Statistics system (bStats)
  • Databases supported: YAML, H2, MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite
  • Redis support via RedisBungee plugin
  • Plugins supported
    • AdvancedBan & BanManager: Auto kick banned users or prevent chat if muted
    • BedWars1058: Join into the minigame with the party
    • BungeeChat: Prevent chat if the player is muted
    • DungeonsXL: Use Parties system instead of their one
    • Dynmap: Create a mark for each party home
    • EssentialsX: Save back location for teleport commands
    • EssentialsChat: Use Parties placeholders in EssentialsChat
    • GriefDefender & GriefPrevention: Give claim permissions to the entire party
    • LastLoginAPI: Support for offline players
    • Magic: Prevent friendly fire damage with spells
    • Marcely's Bedwars: Join into the minigame with the party
    • MMOCore: Use Parties system instead of their one
    • OpenAudioMc: Support Parties chat filter
    • PlaceholderAPI: Use PAPI placeholders inside Parties and viceversa
    • Plugily Projects: Minigame plugins support Parties
    • PremiumVanish: Support for BungeeCord vanish
    • Quality Armory: Support friendly fire protection with weapons
    • Quests: Share quest progress with your party
    • RedisBungee: Redis support
    • Screaming BedWars: Automatically follow leader on minigame join
    • ShowItem: Show items in party chat
    • Skript: Dedicated skripts
    • TNTRun_Reloaded: Use Parties system instead of their one
    • Unite: Support Parties as abstract party API
    • Vault: Give a price to each command

How to install Parties

Parties can be installed on Bukkit, Spigot, BungeeCord and Velocity. Just stop the server and put the jar inside the plugins folder.
You can find the full guide on the doc.