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Minecraft Plugins

Good performance

Every plugin is designed to be very performing, low tps impact due to asynchronous code usage. My plugins are modular, a disabled feature won't be loaded at all.


"Everything must be configurable", this is a must have feature of my plugins. Every option or message must be customizable and toggleable, thanks to that you will be able to decide everything.

Responsive support

For any kind of help regards my plugins, the better place to ask for help is Discord, you will get a 100% response from me!

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Parties 3.2.6

An advanced plugin that allows the creation of parties, or group of people, on your Minecraft server.

More info here 89.000+
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OreAnnouncer 2.8.3

A plugin that collects data about mined blocks. Can be set to alert/count on block destroy to easily track xray players.

More info here 24.000+
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SecurityVillagers 2.14.1

A simple plugin that allows the protection of villagers and related mobs, you can choose which players/groups can attack/interact with mobs.

More info here 174.000+
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LastLoginAPI 1.7.3

A library for developers used to store player names and login/logout timestamps.

More info here 14.000+
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OreAnnouncerGUI 1.4.0

GUI extension for OreAnnouncer.

Other Projects

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Kpmenu 1.3.0

Kpmenu is a tool written in go used to view a KeePass database via a dmenu, or rofi, interface.

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