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OreAnnouncer is a plugin for Minecraft servers (Bukkit, Spigot, BungeeCord) that collects data about mined blocks (can be set with any block).
You can send an alert to users/admins or just store every block they destroy to easily track x-ray players.

OreAnnouncer Screenshot
OreAnnouncer Screenshot
OreAnnouncer Screenshot


  • Send an alert whenever a player digs a block
    • Choose to send it to users/admins/console
    • Custom sound for each block
    • Custom message for each block
    • Specify block variants
  • Alert based on how many blocks has been found in X time
  • Show top players
  • Show block logs
    • Filter by player
    • Filter by block or all of them
  • Auto execute commands
    • On block destroy/found
    • Player and console commands are supported
  • TNT mining
  • Toggle alerts for yourself
  • Player whitelist system
  • Make a JSON alert to perform commands on click
  • Show or obfuscate coordinates of the mined block
  • You can choose any block you want
  • Light control system
  • Height level control system
  • Placeholders system
    • PlaceholdersAPI support
    • EssentialsChat support
  • Log system
  • Support for DiscordSRV
    • Choose between text and embed messages
    • Messages completely customizable
  • Support for custom blocks
    • Plugins ItemMods and MMOItems supported
  • Support for HEX colors of MC 1.16+ (&#ff0000)
  • Supports offline players (LastLoginAPI required)

External Features

  • JSON messages supported
  • Asynchronous to avoid server lag
  • Statistics system (bStats)
  • API for developers
  • Databases supported: H2, MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite
  • Plugins supported
    • DiscordSRV: Send alerts on Discord
    • EssentialsChat: Use OA placeholders on EssentialsChat
    • ItemMods & MMOItems: Custom blocks
    • LastLoginAPI: Support for offline players
    • PlaceholderAPI: Use PAPI placeholders inside OA and viceversa

How to install OreAnnouncer

OreAnnouncer can be installed on Bukkit, Spigot and BungeeCord. Just stop the server and put the jar inside the plugins folder.
You can find the full guide on the doc.