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Welcome to the documentation of LastLoginAPI, a library to handle player names and login timestamps!



LastLoginAPI is a plugin/library for Minecraft servers. Currently, it officially supports Spigot / PaperSpigot, Bukkit and BungeeCord.

Since Minecraft 1.8, plugins are not able to get a player by its name. Developers have to store each player name taking care about multiple username support. With this plugin you don't have to care about that and let it store any data about players.

Stored information:

  • Name: Latest name used by the player into your server
  • Login timestamp: Latest player login in unix timestamp
  • Logout timestamp: Latest player logout in unix timestamp

You can use these information into your plugin or via PlaceholderAPI.

API events:

  • On name change
  • On login/logout timestamp pre change
  • On login/logout timestamp post change


LastLoginAPI uses the AGPLv3 license (GNU Affero General Public License v3.0).
You can read the license here.


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