Commands reference

Every command is configurable, you can change it into whatever you want by editing last options of config.yml and messages.yml.

By default, every command is based on a permission that is given only to operators by default.
So you must setup permissions before start to using them.

Command /sv

/sv is the main command of SecurityVillagers, if you want to use that command without any sub-command you must have securityvillagers.admin.help permission set.

Structure of the command: /sv <sub command> [arguments]

Global commands

changeagesecurityvillagers.admin.changeageChange mob age
help [page]securityvillagers.admin.helpShow help pages
profession [profession]securityvillagers.admin.professionChange villager profession
protectsecurityvillagers.admin.protectProtect/unprotect mob
reloadsecurityvillagers.admin.reloadReload plugin configuration files
rename <name/remove>securityvillagers.admin.renameChange mob name
teleport [player]securityvillagers.admin.teleportTeleport selected mob
versionsecurityvillagers.admin.versionShow plugin information