Default permissions

Every permission are for operators by default. If a player doesn't have the permission for that command, he cannot use it (help page doesn't show commands that the player doesn't have the permission to use).

So, removing a permission will remove that command/feature, this is a way to remove/disable SecurityVillagers features.

General permissions

Permissions are grouped by default into 2 groups:

  • User commands are granted with the permission securityvillagers.user.*
  • Admin commands are granted with the permission securityvillagers.admin.*

Full permissions

Every permission is listed below:

User permission Description
securityvillagers.user.egg Allow use of eggs on mobs
securityvillagers.user.hit Allow melee attacks on mobs
securityvillagers.user.shoot Allow ranged attacks on mobs Allow trading with mobs
Admin permission Description
securityvillagers.admin.bypass.mute : Bypass villagers mute
securityvillagers.admin.changeage Allow access to /sv changeage
securityvillagers.admin.changeage.cooldown.bypass Bypass changeage cooldown Allow access to /sv help
securityvillagers.admin.profession Allow access to /sv profession
securityvillagers.admin.profession.cooldown.bypass Bypass profession cooldown
securityvillagers.admin.protect Allow access to /sv protect
securityvillagers.admin.reload Allow access to /sv reload
securityvillagers.admin.rename Allow access to /sv rename Allow to use an item to select mobs
securityvillagers.admin.version Allow access to /sv version
securityvillagers.admin.warnings Send an alert if there is an error All