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Welcome to the documentation of OreAnnouncer, a simple plugin for minecraft servers to send an announce whenever a player digs ores or every block that you want!



OreAnnouncer is a plugin for Minecraft servers. Currently, it officially supports Spigot / PaperSpigot and Bukkit.

This plugin send an announce whenever a player digs an ore (can be set with any block).
It supports a lot of things like coordinates printing (you can even hide/obfuscate them), or just using it as simple alerter for admins.

If you don't like some features that have been pre-configured for you, you can easily remove them by denying the permission or, if there is an option, disable it via the config.yml.

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OreAnnouncer uses the AGPLv3 license (GNU Affero General Public License v3.0).
You can read the license here.


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