Default permissions

Every permission are for operators by default. If a player doesn't have the permission for that command, he cannot use it (help page doesn't show commands that the player doesn't have the permission to use).

So, removing a permission will remove that command/feature, this is a way to remove/disable OreAnnouncer features.

General permissions

Permissions are grouped by default into 2 groups:

  • User commands are granted with the permission oreannouncer.user.*
  • Admin commands are granted with the permission oreannouncer.admin.*

Full permissions

Every permission is listed below:

User permission Description Server
oreannouncer.user.alerts.see See user alerts All
oreannouncer.user.alerts.toggle Allow access to /oa alerts All Allow access to /oa help All
oreannouncer.user.stats Allow access to /oa stats All Allow access to /oa top All
Admin permission Description Server
oreannouncer.admin.alerts.see See admin alerts All
oreannouncer.admin.bypass.alerts Bypass alerts on block destroy Bukkit
oreannouncer.admin.bypass.destroy Bypass destroy count on block destroy Bukkit
oreannouncer.admin.bypass.found Bypass found count on block destroy Bukkit
oreannouncer.admin.reload Allow access to /oa reload All
oreannouncer.admin.stats.other Allow access to /oa stats on other players All
oreannouncer.admin.version Allow access to /oa version All
oreannouncer.admin.warnings Send an alert if there is an error All