OreAnnouncer uses permission system for every feature and command. It is recommended to set-up them via a permission manager plugin (like LuckPerms).

All permissions are automatically granted to operators by default. If a player doesn't have the permission for that command, he cannot use it (help page do not show commands not allowed to use).

Wildcard permissions

Wildcard permissions are a group of pre-defined permissions, useful if you wanna give all of them with one single permission.

  • User permissions are granted with the permission oreannouncer.user.*
  • Admin permissions are granted with the permission oreannouncer.admin.*

Full permissions

Every permission of the plugin is listed below:

User permissions

User permissionDescriptionServer
oreannouncer.user.alerts.seeSee user alertsAll
oreannouncer.user.alerts.toggleAllow access to /oa alertsAll
oreannouncer.user.helpAllow access to /oa helpAll
oreannouncer.user.statsAllow access to /oa statsAll
oreannouncer.user.stats.destroyAllow access to only /oa stats with destroy typeAll
oreannouncer.user.stats.foundAllow access to only /oa stats with found typeAll
oreannouncer.user.topAllow access to /oa topAll
oreannouncer.user.top.destroyAllow access to only /oa top with destroy orderAll
oreannouncer.user.top.foundAllow access to only /oa top with found orderAll

Admin permissions

Admin permissionDescriptionServer
oreannouncer.admin.alerts.seeSee admin alertsAll
oreannouncer.admin.bypass.alertsBypass alerts on block destroyBukkit
oreannouncer.admin.bypass.destroyBypass destroy count on block destroyBukkit
oreannouncer.admin.bypass.foundBypass found count on block destroyBukkit
oreannouncer.admin.bypass.execute.commandsBypass command executionAll
oreannouncer.admin.debugAllow access to /oa debugAll
oreannouncer.admin.reloadAllow access to /oa reloadAll
oreannouncer.admin.stats.otherAllow access to /oa stats on other playersAll
oreannouncer.admin.versionAllow access to /oa versionAll
oreannouncer.admin.warningsSend an alert if there is an errorAll
oreannouncer.admin.whitelistAllow access to /oa whitelistAll