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  • Fixed block break error on MC 1.8
  • Updated libraries:
    • LastLoginAPI 1.2.0 > 1.3.0


  • Improved API
    • Added custom messages methods on OAPlayer
    • Added a method to get top players
  • Improved block messages
    • Now you can give a custom message for each block, or use the global one
    • You will be able to color the message as you wish
  • Added warnings on login
    • Send a warning on plugin update or configuration outdated
  • Changed default command to teleport from coordinates tp into player tp
  • Fixed wrong permission message on version command
  • Updated libraries:
    • LastLoginAPI 1.1.1 > 1.2.0


  • Support for 1.14
  • Added sound alerts
    • You can choose any MC sound for each block
    • Sound and pitch globally configurable
    • BungeeCord does not support sounds
  • Now you will be able to create a message that execute a command
    • You have to use a JSON message, admin message is an example
    • You can even teleport to player coordinates
  • Reworked coordinates system
    • In favour of JSON messages the placeholder %coordinates% does not exist anymore
    • You have to use %x%, %y% and %z%
    • Custom format for normal text or json text
    • Improved obfuscation with custom character and length
  • API changes
    • Added getSound/setSound in OABlock
  • Reworked JSON system
    • Now you will be able to use JSON messages almost everywhere
  • Improved command system
  • Improved database upgrade system
  • Now the option bypass-player-blocks is set on false by default
  • Removed unused blocks configuration in BungeeCord config.yml
  • Fixed stats command auto complete on/off instead of player names
  • Code cleanup
  • Updated libraries:
    • bStats 1.4 > 1.5
    • configurate 2.0.0 > 2.0.2
    • LastLoginAPI 1.1.0 > 1.1.1
    • PAPI 2.9.2 > 2.10.3


  • Added support for BungeeCord
    • If you install OreAnnouncer on BungeeCord you will be able to have commands and data into one place
    • If you wanna handle blocks alerts/stats you have to install into each Spigot server the plugin and enable BungeeCord option into config.yml
  • Added support for LastLoginAPI
    • This is my new plugin that I wanna use into my others one
    • Thanks to that I will be able to store username and login date of every player, so username will not be stored by OreAnnouncer anymore (free space) and I will be able to add more related features easily
    • If you don't install it, you will be able to use this plugin but it won't support offline players!
    • More info about LastLoginAPI here!
  • Now version command will shows the server platform
  • Added FAQ page
  • Fixed invalid command and reload messages



  • Removed unsupported 'none' database
  • Fixed empty block list if configuration node not found
  • Code cleanup


  • Improved jar output
  • Fixed plugin description
  • Fixed metrics


  • OreAnnouncer has been reworked, code and features are completely changed
  • Support 1.13
  • Added language packs, see how contribute!
  • Announces are now different for users/admins/console, they are called alerts
  • Start to store information about mined blocks with stats system
  • Coordinates system different for users/admins/console
  • A lot of new features, read the full list on the homepage


  • OreAnnouncer is now open source!
  • The plugin has been completely rewritten
  • The configuration is more easy
  • Due to plugin rewrite, the plugin is performing better and some little bugs are fixed
  • Better permissions
  • New file for messages: messages.yml
  • Commands are now configurable


  • Added log system
  • Improved statistics system
  • Fixed prevent announce on placed blocks


  • Added light control system
    • Alert only when a player mines with a low light level
    • It's configurable
  • New obfuscator system
    • You can obfuscate coordinates that are printed next to the &k (player exploit)
  • Improved updater system
    • It starts when the server finishes to load (better performance, no impact on server boot time)
  • New stats system (removed Hidendra one)
  • Code cleanups



  • Fixed spam in console


  • Commands now works
  • New permission to see messages
    • Default for op, give oreannouncer.see


  • Added Gravity Updater
  • New option to prevent announce placed blocks
  • New permission to bypass prevention of placed blocks (
  • Fixed configuration problem