OreAnnouncer support both Bukkit (Spigot) and BungeeCord servers. The BungeeCord version is used to send alerts cross-server and handle other things.

To enable BungeeCord support in Bukkit server, you need to edit the config.yml:

# [Enable BungeeCord support]
# Any destroyed block will be handled by OreAnnouncer on BungeeCord.
  enable: false
  # ...
  server-name: ServerName
  server-id: server
If you wanna keep in sync all OreAnnouncer plugins in Spigot servers, you must setup the SAME remote database (for example MariaDB)

How it works?

OreAnnouncer in BungeeCord will receive all player actions and handle them to send alerts + other features.

Commands are enabled in both plugins, so you can use them in console and in-game, by default the main command of BungeeCord is /oab instead of /oa.
Player settings are keep in sync as long you are using the same database.

How to use placeholders?

If you wanna use external placeholders, only supported in Spigot version, you just have to install the plugin into the server that you want.

API usage inside network

If you use the API inside a Spigot/Paper server, OreAnnouncer will handle the API in BungeeCord too. You can use the API wherever you prefer.

Any request made via Spigot plugin, in a BungeeCord system, it will be performed and dispatched an update request directly to OreAnnouncer on BungeeCord.

This is not the best performance approach but if you wanna differently handle OreAnnouncer in a BC context, you can check if the current plugin is running in a BungeeCord network with OreAnnouncerAPI.isBungeeCordEnabled().

The API method OreAnnouncerAPI.isBungeeCordEnabled() just returns true on OreAnnouncer in Spigot if BungeeCord option is enabled.