Commands reference

Every command is configurable, you can change it into whatever you want by editing last options of config.yml.

By default, every command is based on a permission that is given only to operators by default.
So you must setup permissions before start to using them.

Command /oa

/oa is the main command of OreAnnouncer, if you want to use that command without any sub-command you must have permission set.

Structure of the command: /oa <sub command> [arguments]

Global commands

Sub-command Permission Description Default on
alerts [on/off] oreannouncer.user.alerts.toggle Toggle on/off global alerts for users Yes
help [page] Show help pages Yes
stats oreannouncer.user.stats Show your statistics No
stats [player] oreannouncer.admin.stats.other Show other player statistics No
top [page] Top players ordered by destroyed blocks No
reload oreannouncer.admin.reload Reload OreAnnouncer configuration files Yes
version oreannouncer.admin.version Show OreAnnouncer information Yes