Supported plugins

OreAnnouncer is currently supporting these plugins:


You can easily setup OreAnnouncer to hook into DiscordSRV. In the config.yml you can choose into which channel send alerts (user and admin alerts) then you can setup your own message, both text and embed are supported, in messages.yml

ItemMods & MMOItems

Custom blocks of ItemMods and MMOItems are supported in OreAnnouncer, you can read more info about it here.

LastLoginAPI (Recommended)

Thanks to this plugin, OreAnnouncer will be able to get offline players via their name and you will be able to see their stats. Its supported on both Spigot and BungeeCord version.
You can read more info about that plugin here.

PlaceholderAPI & EssentialsChat

You can read about placeholders here.