API Methods

This page is dedicated to explain how PartiesAPI methods work.

You can find the Javadoc here

You can use classes Party and PartyPlayer to edit the data, see below:

PartiesAPI api = Parties.getApi(); // Get Parties API
Party party = api.getParty("MyParty"); // Get the party 'MyParty'
party.setDescription("just a new description"); // Change the description

Another example:

UUID playerUUID; // Get a player uuid
PartiesAPI api = Parties.getApi(); // Get Parties API
PartyPlayer player = api.getPartyPlayer(playerUUID); // Get the player that have as UUID 'playerUUID'
player.setRank(1); // Set the player rank to 1


If you are using a code that is deprecated, you really should update it. I deprecate methods that will be removed with future updates.