Parties uses permission system for every feature and command. It is recommended to set-up them via a permission manager plugin (like LuckPerms).

All permissions are automatically granted to operators by default. If a player doesn't have the permission for that command, he cannot use it (help page do not show commands not allowed to use).

Wildcard permissions

Wildcard permissions are a group of pre-defined permissions, useful if you wanna give all of them with one single permission.

Full permissions

Every permission of the plugin is listed below:

User permissions

User permission Description Server
parties.user.accept Allow access to /party accept All
parties.user.ask Allow access to /party ask All Allow access to /party chat All
parties.user.close Allow access to /party close All
parties.user.color Allow access to /party color All
parties.user.create Allow access to /party create All
parties.user.deny Allow access to /party deny All
parties.user.desc Allow access to /party desc All
parties.user.follow Allow access to /party follow All Allow access to /party or /party help All
parties.user.home Allow access to /party home All
parties.user.ignore Allow access to /party ignore All Allow access to /party info All Allow access to /party info on other parties All
parties.user.invite Allow access to /party invite All
parties.user.join Allow access to /party join All
parties.user.kick Allow access to /party kick All
parties.user.leave Allow access to /party leave All
parties.user.motd Allow access to /party motd All
parties.user.mute Allow access to /party mute All
parties.user.nickname Allow access to /party nickname All Allow access to /party open All
parties.user.password Allow access to /party password All Allow access to /party protection All
parties.user.rank Allow access to /party rank All
parties.user.rename Allow access to /party rename All
parties.user.sendmessage Send party messages All
parties.user.sethome Allow access to /party sethome All
parties.user.teleport Allow access to /party teleport All
parties.user.claim Allow access to /party claim with GriefPrevention Bukkit

Admin permissions

Admin permission Description Server
parties.admin.alerts Send an alert if there is an error All
parties.admin.close.others Allow access to /party close on other parties All
parties.admin.cooldown.ask.bypass Bypass cooldown of ask command All Bypass cooldown of chat message All
parties.admin.cooldown.close.bypass Bypass cooldown of close command All
parties.admin.cooldown.home.bypass Bypass cooldown of home command All
parties.admin.cooldown.invite.bypass Bypass cooldown of invite command All Bypass cooldown of open command All
parties.admin.cooldown.rename.bypass Bypass cooldown of rename command All
parties.admin.cooldown.sethome.bypass Bypass cooldown of sethome command All
parties.admin.cooldown.teleport.bypass Bypass cooldown of teleport command All
parties.admin.create.fixed Allow access to /party createadmin All
parties.admin.debug Allow access to /party debug All
parties.admin.delete Allow access to /party delete All
parties.admin.delete.silent Allow access to /party delete silently All
parties.admin.home.others Allow access to /party home on other parties All
parties.admin.join.bypass Allow access to /party join in other parties without password All
parties.admin.join.default.bypass Bypass the default join All
parties.admin.kick.others Allow access to /party kick on other players All
parties.admin.nickname.others Allow access to /party nickname on other players All Allow access to /party open on other parties All Bypass friendly fire protection All
parties.admin.rank.bypass Bypass rank restrictions All
parties.admin.rank.others Allow access to /party rank on other players All
parties.admin.reload Allow access to /party reload All
parties.admin.rename.others Allow access to /party rename on other parties All
parties.admin.spy Allow access to /party spy All
parties.admin.tag.others Allow access to /party tag on other parties All
parties.admin.version Allow access to /party version All
parties.admin.vault.bypass Bypass commands that have a price Bukkit

Extra permissions

Extra permission Description Server
parties.user.color.COLOR Allow to set a specific party color All Send colored party messages All
parties.user.home.TIME Allow access to /party home with a custom cooldown All
parties.user.join.default Join into the default party All Allow access to /party list with name type All Allow access to /party list with online members type All
parties.user.list.members Allow access to /party list with members type All
parties.user.list.kills Allow access to /party list with kills type All
parties.user.list.experience Allow access to /party list with experience type All
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