Parties uses permission system for every feature and command. It is recommended to set-up them via a permission manager plugin (like LuckPerms).

All permissions are automatically granted to operators by default. If a player doesn't have the permission for that command, he cannot use it (help page do not show commands not allowed to use).

Wildcard permissions

Wildcard permissions are a group of pre-defined permissions, useful if you wanna give all of them with one single permission.

  • User permissions are granted with the permission parties.user.*
  • Admin permissions are granted with the permission parties.admin.*

Full permissions

Every permission of the plugin is listed below:

User permissions

User permissionDescriptionServer
parties.user.acceptAllow access to /party acceptAll
parties.user.askAllow access to /party askAll
parties.user.chatAllow access to /party chatAll
parties.user.closeAllow access to /party closeAll
parties.user.colorAllow access to /party colorAll
parties.user.createAllow access to /party createAll
parties.user.denyAllow access to /party denyAll
parties.user.descAllow access to /party descAll
parties.user.followAllow access to /party followAll
parties.user.helpAllow access to /party or /party helpAll
parties.user.homeAllow access to /party homeAll
parties.user.ignoreAllow access to /party ignoreAll
parties.user.infoAllow access to /party infoAll
parties.user.info.othersAllow access to /party info on other partiesAll
parties.user.inviteAllow access to /party inviteAll
parties.user.joinAllow access to /party joinAll
parties.user.kickAllow access to /party kickAll
parties.user.leaveAllow access to /party leaveAll
parties.user.motdAllow access to /party motdAll
parties.user.muteAllow access to /party muteAll
parties.user.nicknameAllow access to /party nicknameAll
parties.user.openAllow access to /party openAll
parties.user.passwordAllow access to /party passwordAll
parties.user.protectionAllow access to /party protectionAll
parties.user.rankAllow access to /party rankAll
parties.user.renameAllow access to /party renameAll
parties.user.sendmessageSend party messagesAll
parties.user.sethomeAllow access to /party sethomeAll
parties.user.teleportAllow access to /party teleportAll
parties.user.claimAllow access to /party claim with GriefPreventionBukkit

Admin permissions

Admin permissionDescriptionServer
parties.admin.alertsSend an alert if there is an errorAll
parties.admin.close.othersAllow access to /party close on other partiesAll
parties.admin.cooldown.ask.bypassBypass cooldown of ask commandAll
parties.admin.cooldown.chat.bypassBypass cooldown of chat messageAll
parties.admin.cooldown.close.bypassBypass cooldown of close commandAll
parties.admin.cooldown.home.bypassBypass cooldown of home commandAll
parties.admin.cooldown.invite.bypassBypass cooldown of invite commandAll
parties.admin.cooldown.open.bypassBypass cooldown of open commandAll
parties.admin.cooldown.rename.bypassBypass cooldown of rename commandAll
parties.admin.cooldown.sethome.bypassBypass cooldown of sethome commandAll
parties.admin.cooldown.teleport.bypassBypass cooldown of teleport commandAll
parties.admin.create.fixedAllow access to /party createadminAll
parties.admin.debugAllow access to /party debugAll
parties.admin.deleteAllow access to /party deleteAll
parties.admin.delete.silentAllow access to /party delete silentlyAll
parties.admin.home.othersAllow access to /party home on other partiesAll
parties.admin.join.bypassAllow access to /party join in other parties without passwordAll
parties.admin.join.default.bypassBypass the default joinAll
parties.admin.kick.othersAllow access to /party kick on other playersAll
parties.admin.nickname.othersAllow access to /party nickname on other playersAll
parties.admin.open.othersAllow access to /party open on other partiesAll
parties.admin.protection.bypassBypass friendly fire protectionAll
parties.admin.rank.bypassBypass rank restrictionsAll
parties.admin.rank.othersAllow access to /party rank on other playersAll
parties.admin.reloadAllow access to /party reloadAll
parties.admin.rename.othersAllow access to /party rename on other partiesAll
parties.admin.spyAllow access to /party spyAll
parties.admin.tag.othersAllow access to /party tag on other partiesAll
parties.admin.versionAllow access to /party versionAll
parties.admin.vault.bypassBypass commands that have a priceBukkit

Extra permissions

Extra permissionDescriptionServer
parties.user.ask.cooldown.TIMECustom cooldown for ask commandAll
parties.user.close.cooldown.TIMECustom cooldown for close commandAll
parties.user.color.COLORAllow to set a specific party colorAll
parties.user.chat.colorSend colored party messagesAll
parties.user.home.cooldown.TIMECustom cooldown for home commandAll
parties.user.join.defaultJoin into the default partyAll
parties.user.invite.global.cooldown.TIMECustom global cooldown for invite commandAll
parties.user.invite.individual.cooldown.TIMECustom individual cooldown for invite commandAll
parties.user.list.nameAllow access to /party list with name typeAll
parties.user.list.online.membersAllow access to /party list with online members typeAll
parties.user.list.membersAllow access to /party list with members typeAll
parties.user.list.killsAllow access to /party list with kills typeAll
parties.user.list.experienceAllow access to /party list with experience typeAll
parties.user.open.cooldown.TIMECustom cooldown for open commandAll
parties.user.sendmessage.cooldown.TIMECustom cooldown for send messageAll
parties.user.sethome.cooldown.TIMECustom cooldown for sethome commandAll
parties.user.teleport.cooldown.TIMECustom cooldown for teleport commandAll