Default permissions

Every permission are for operators by default. If a player doesn't have the permission for that command, he cannot use it (help page doesn't show commands that the player doesn't have the permission to use).

So, removing a permission will remove that command/feature, this is a way to remove/disable Parties features.

General permissions

Permissions are grouped by default into 2 groups:

  • User commands are granted with the permission parties.user.*
  • Admin commands are granted with the permission parties.admin.*

Full permissions

Every permission is listed below:

User permission Description Server
parties.user.accept Allow access to /party accept All Allow access to /party chat All Send colored party messages All
parties.user.color Allow access to /party color All
parties.user.create Allow access to /party create All
parties.user.deny Allow access to /party deny All
parties.user.desc Allow access to /party desc All Allow access to /party or /party help All
parties.user.ignore Allow access to /party ignore All Allow access to /party info All Allow access to /party info on other parties All
parties.user.invite Allow access to /party invite All
parties.user.join Allow access to /party join All
parties.user.joindefault Join into the default party All
parties.user.kick Allow access to /party kick All
parties.user.leave Allow access to /party leave All
parties.user.list Allow access to /party list All
parties.user.motd Allow access to /party motd All
parties.user.mute Allow access to /party mute All
parties.user.password Allow access to /party password All
parties.user.rank Allow access to /party rank All
parties.user.rename Allow access to /party rename All
parties.user.sendmessage Send party messages All
parties.user.claim Allow access to /party claim with GriefPrevention Bukkit
parties.user.home Allow access to /party home Bukkit
parties.user.home.%TIME% Allow access to /party home with a custom cooldown Bukkit Allow access to /party protection Bukkit
parties.user.sethome Allow access to /party sethome Bukkit
parties.user.teleport Allow access to /party teleport Bukkit
Admin permission Description Server
parties.admin.alerts Send an alert if there is an error All
parties.admin.create.fixed Allow access to /party create "party" fixed All
parties.admin.delete Allow access to /party delete All
parties.admin.delete.silent Allow access to /party delete silently All
parties.admin.join.others Allow access to /party join in other parties All
parties.admin.joindefault.bypass Bypass the default join All
parties.admin.kick.others Allow access to /party kick on other players All
parties.admin.rank.bypass Bypass rank restrictions All
parties.admin.rank.others Allow access to /party rank on other players All
parties.admin.reload Allow access to /party reload All
parties.admin.rename.others Allow access to /party home on other homes All
parties.admin.spy Allow access to /party spy All
parties.admin.home.others Allow access to /party home on other homes Bukkit Bypass friendly fire protection Bukkit
parties.admin.vaultbypass Bypass commands that have a price Bukkit

Rank based Permissions

These permissions are used with the party ranks (see config.yml, ranks section). With these permissions, for example, you can let invite players by moderators, just give them the right permission.

You can negate these permissions by inserting - before.

Party basic permission Description
party.claim Allow access to /party claim
party.home Allow access to /party home
party.invite Allow access to /party invite
party.kick Allow access to /party kick
party.sendmessage Can send messages
party.sendmessage.color Send colored messages
Party edit permission Description
party.edit.color Can edit the party color
party.edit.desc Can edit the party description
party.edit.home Can edit the party home
party.edit.motd Can edit the party motd
party.edit.password Can edit the party password Can toggle friendly fire protection
Party admin permission Description
party.admin.rank Allow access to /party rank
party.admin.rename Allow access to /party rename
party.admin.teleport Allow access to /party teleport
Party not-commands permission Description
party.warnondamage Receive a message when there is a friendly fire attack
party.autocommand Enable autocommand feature
party.bypasscooldown Bypass chat and teleport cooldowns