Table of contents



  • Fixed parsing PAPI in advanced placeholders
  • Fixed create command with dynamic name allow create false


  • Improved friendly fire fish hook protection for MC 1.8-1.14
  • Fixed friendly fire error of spectral arrow in MC 1.8-1.10


  • Added spectral arrow friendly fire protection
  • Added debug bungeecord sub command to Velocity
  • Fixed messaging system in Velocity
  • Fixed home and teleport to exact location in Velocity


  • Fixed startup error in BungeeCord with LuckPerms
  • Fixed teleport to the exact location for BungeeCord and Velocity


  • Fixed null error with LuckPerms prefix/suffix
  • Fixed advanced placeholders not parsing correctly


  • Added support for LuckPerms
    • Now supporting %luckperms_prefix% and %luckperms_suffix% placeholders directly
  • Fixed home Dynmap support for Bungee/Velocity
  • Fixed follow system for Velocity
  • Fixed LastLoginAPI support for Velocity
  • Fixed GriefDefender hook


  • Improved nullness checks
    • Fixed some errors in Bungee/Velocity messaging system
  • Fixed name error in rank command


  • Fixed library relocations
  • Fixed players with a ghost party (workaround)
  • Updated libraries


  • Added Redis support for Velocity 3.1+
  • Improved title system
    • Now using official server API
    • Fixed title errors
  • Improved info command
    • Now the command sends a different message for own and other parties
    • Each result configurable in messages.yml
  • Improved cooldown system
    • Now working correctly with time based permissions
    • New permissions for every cooldown based commands
  • Improved auto command system
    • Added delay option
  • Improved open command
    • Automatically create the party upon open (configurable)
  • Improved configuration system
    • Fixed automatic upgrade of messages.yml
  • Fixed crash on friendly fire warn
  • Fixed Velocity login event priority
  • Fixed timed out or revoked invite bug
  • Fixed list members placeholders on offline user
  • Fixed option disband-parties-on-disable
  • Fixed error on rank permission player check
  • Updated libraries


  • Support for 1.19
  • Updated support for RedisBungee
  • Fixed issue with experience drop
  • Fixed bungeecord sync of player


  • Fixed issue with party experience gain
  • Fixed potions friendly fire protection
  • Fixed issue with database
  • Fixed error with debug player in console
  • Fixed error on API delete party without specifying player
  • Updated libraries


  • Improved debug bungeecord command
  • Fixed PostgreSQL storage
  • Fixed some issues with BungeeCord sync
  • Fixed home/sethome command in BungeeCord
  • Fixed some wrong syntax messages
  • Updated libraries


  • Now a dynamic name can be generated even if a similar name already exists
  • Fixed some console syntaxes
  • Fixed wrong version in parties.yml and messages.yml
    • If you already update them you will probably see an alert about
  • Fixed possible error when loading database libraries


  • Fixed error in Bungeecord/Velocity about message channel
  • Fixed error in event API on plugin shutdown


  • Fixed error in Bungeecord/Velocity about message channel
  • Fixed error in event API on plugin shutdown


  • Fixed Java 8 support
    • Note that the plugin supports Java 11+ now
    • You can still execute it with Java 8 if H2 database is used
  • Fixed velocity messaging error
  • Fixed error if a deleted party is reloaded


  • API Changes
    • Added Parties options API, get most important Parties options directly via API
    • Added every Velocity related event
    • Added pre and post broadcast event
    • Added pre experience drop event (cancellable)
    • Added isOpen/setOpen to Party
    • Added getSlot/setSlot to PartyRank
    • Added getPartyOfPlayer to PartiesAPI
    • Improved nullability annotations
  • Added support for Velocity server proxy
  • Added support for RedisBungee
  • Added support for Magic, prevent friendly fire damage
  • Added limit of members for each rank
    • Configurable in ranks options as 'slot' option
  • Added open/close commands
    • Allow players to join open parties with join command
  • Added automatic upgrade config option
    • This option will rename your old configuration then regenerate a new one trying to move every option from the old one to the new one
    • This option is disabled by default
  • Reworked exp system
    • Removed unused exp drop system in favor of a new external plugin not released yet
    • Now the exp system is just an experience + levels base meant to be used by Developers or custom servers
    • Improved the API to easily handle experience/levels
  • Reworked Bungeecord messaging system
  • Improved rank command
    • Better promote and demote system
    • Fixed rank bypass permission
  • Improved color system
    • Now you can allow colors change per permission (parties.user.color.COLOR)
    • Added available colors placeholder to messages, dynamically generated (permissions supported)
  • Improved debug command
    • Added bungeecord debug command to check if the plugin is synced correctly
    • Changed exp sub command
    • You can use it on spigot servers when bungeecord option enabled
  • Improved plugin hook system
    • Now some plugins are hooked after server load, to prevent race condition with other depend plugins
  • Changed script engine
    • Now using exp4j
  • Fixed accept command when there are multiple invites
  • Fixed Essentials back position
  • Fixed teleport delay not working in some cases
  • Fixed some errors thrown with unnamed parties
  • Fixed nullable party name in database
  • Updated libraries



  • Fixed for Java 8
  • Code cleanup
  • Updated libraries


  • Support for 1.18
  • Added new options for "moderation"
    • Moved ban and mute settings here
    • Added support for AdvancedBan
    • External plugins mute now is configurable
    • Supported plugins are: AdvancedBan, BanManager, BungeeChat, Essentials
  • Improved settings for player server leaving
    • Changed names in parties.yml (easier to understand)
    • Now it correctly change the leader on left
  • Updated support for Skript 2.6
  • Fixed support of ProSkillAPI (continued version of SkillAPI)
  • Fixed color command
  • Updated libraries


  • Added support for vanish in Bungee (plugin PremiumVanish)
  • Improved placeholder system
    • New player display name placeholder
    • New list rank placeholders for all, online and offline members
    • New list rank placeholders to get members by # and parse the placeholder
    • New members placeholders for all, online and offline members
    • New members placeholders to get members by # and parse the placeholder
    • Changed placeholders for list numbers from %.._number% to %.._total%
    • Removed placeholders %list_members_<...>% for newer %members_<...>%
    • Take a look to the new placeholders list page
  • Improved debug log for command system
  • Improved invite system
    • Now delay correctly work after a revoke
  • Now default size of database nickname column is 255 instead of 100
  • Fixed BungeeCord messaging about update party
    • Parties edited in Spigot servers were not correctly updated
  • Fixed placeholder list parties by online members
  • Fixed support for latest version of LevelPoints plugin
  • Fixed script manager loading if exp system is disabled
  • Fixed empty spy messages
  • Fixed new line at the end of motd


  • Improved command handling
  • Improved command tab handling
  • Fixed error in Java version parsing
  • Fixed %seconds% placeholders in teleport message


  • Improved library handling
  • Fixed error with exp sharing system
  • Fixed duplicated message on party teleport


  • Delete plugins/Parties/libraries folder before upgrade
  • BungeeCord support improvement
    • Now you can disable specific messaging packets (experts only)
    • Added packets settings in bungeecord configuration
  • New members placeholders
    • Shows all members (%members%)
    • Shows online members (%members_online%)
    • Shows offline members (%members_offline%)
    • Removed old %online% and %online_members%
  • Changed %list_players_XXX% placeholders
    • Use %list_members_XXX% instead
    • Removed %list_players_total% because duplicated of %members_number%
  • API changes
    • Switched nullness library from checkerframework to jetbrains annotations
    • Improved nullness annotations
  • Fixed Skript error on reload
  • Fixed home message in teleport command
  • Fixed logging of party chat
  • Fixed online_members ordering in list command
  • Updated slimjar and other libraries


  • Fixed startup error with H2 database


  • New libraries system
    • Back to one jar (thanks slimjar!)
    • Delete the folder plugins/Parties/libraries !!!
  • Removed configure library (used in YAML)
    • Now it uses the default snake yaml
  • Improved debug logs
  • Fixed party password impossible to remove
  • Fixed typo in default custom placeholders
  • Fixed custom placeholders not working in Essentials Chat
  • Fixed warnings if party names are null
  • Fixed issue with log messages marked as warnings
  • Updated libraries


  • Fixed Java 8 support
    • Downgraded caffeine to 2.9.1 to support Java 8


  • Improved (and fixed) error message for who use the "legacy" jar with Java 16
  • Fixed loop error when changed the world on home/teleport delay


  • Fixed error in BungeeCord startup


  • Support for 1.17
  • The plugin will be divided into 2 jars
    • First one for MC 1.8-1.16 with Java 8-15 support
    • Second one for MC 1.16-1.17 with Java 16 support
  • External libraries changes
    • Removed reflections
    • Updated configurate, jdbi, postgresql
    • Updated support for MythicMobs


  • Fixed error on offline players


  • Added new API events
    • Listen to pre/post teleport and home events
  • Fixed party rank inheritence
  • Fixed BungeeCord communication when multiple plugin uses messaging channels
  • Fixed exp system remove experience when there is no drop
  • Fixed message in API pre/post chat event
  • Fixed some typos in API docs


  • Added command aliases
    • Command options are changed
  • Rework claim system
    • Now supports GriefDefender too
    • Options changed, option to use GriefDefender or GriefPrevention
  • Added placeholder to show party level with roman numbers (%experience_level_roman%)
  • Improved BungeeCord messaging system
  • Fixed spy system
  • Fixed console error when a script engine is not found (outdated Java 8)
  • Fixed rare error on API party handling
  • Fixed empty names on BungeeCord when LLAPI is not used
  • Fixed error with Java 8
  • Updated libraries



  • Fixed player sync on party join/leave in BungeeCord
  • Fixed error with Java 8


  • Added %index% placeholder for list command
  • Removed useless permission parties.admin.join.default.bypass
    • You can directly negate the user permission
  • Now admins can see all commands in tab completion
  • Fixed exp sharing triggering when the player is alone
  • Fixed empty members of fixed parties after a reload
  • Fixed join command error


  • Added fish hook friendly fire protection
    • Optional
    • Works only in 1.15+
    • Added API event about it
  • Improved debug command
  • Improved logging of bungeecord sync
  • Improved json error log
  • Fixed checksum of postgresql
  • Fixed postgresql ssl problems
  • Fixed dynamic color
  • Fixed delay of follow system


  • Improved level calculation to prevent crashes
  • Removed old comments in parties.yml
  • Fixed BungeeCord sync with Spigot


  • Improved database handling
  • Improved some messages
  • Fixed wrong syntax message for claim command
  • Fixed rare error with placeholder handling that causes the server to freeze
  • Fixed exp system in Java 15
  • Fixed dynmap support
  • Updated libraries


  • Improved delay system
    • Added for teleport command
    • Now %seconds% is used instead of %time%
  • Improved cooldown system
  • Improved database system
  • Improved locking of players and parties
  • Updated MMOCore, now supports 1.7.0
  • Fixed p command syntax
  • Fixed Skript delete effect
  • Fixed PostgreSQL database creation
  • Fixed possible error on API removePlayer
  • Fixed placeholder parsing of rank command
  • Fixed home command with multiple homes
  • Fixed list hidden parties not working correctly
  • Updated libraries


  • Added Skript support
  • Improved follow system
  • Improved Vault hooking
  • Improved API annotations
  • Fixed error on shutdown if disband enabled
  • Fixed error with confirm command


  • Added new placeholders for party members
    • %list_players_<number>_<placeholder>%
    • %player_id% and %player_name%
  • Updated clan/guild messages patches
  • Fixed YAML upgrade
  • Fixed create command
  • Fixed invite command
  • Fixed home command
  • Fixed cooldown messages
  • Fixed some typos in messages.yml
  • Fixed some typos in debug messages
  • API: Updated checkerframework library


  • Compiled with 1.16
  • Now LastLoginAPI is not required anymore
    • If you wanna support offline players, you must install it
    • Download here
  • New API for developers
    • Breaking changes:
      • Party.getMembers() now returns a Set<UUID>
    • Added PartyPlayer.isInParty() to easily check if the player is in a party
    • Added ask/invite request accept/deny handling
    • You can invite a player in the party
  • New BungeeCord system
    • More info about it here
    • Now you can use Bukkit features in BungeeCord too
    • Complete synchronization between Spigot and BungeeCord plugins
    • Placeholders supported
  • New database system
    • Now H2 database is the default
    • Added support for H2, MySQL 8, MariaDB, PostgreSQL
    • YAML database structure is changed
  • New list command
    • Now you can order by name, members, online members, experience, kills
  • Added full paper support
    • Now teleports will be async
  • Added native support to Skript
    • Page dedicated to Skript coming soon
  • Added tag system
    • Now you can give an unique tag to each party
    • You can insert it into /party create too
  • Added ask system
    • Now you can ask to join a party
    • The party can decide with /party accept/deny
  • Added support for titles
  • Added options for sounds
    • Play a sound on chat/broadcast message
  • Added a debug command
    • 4 sub commands: config, exp, party, player
  • Added a new option to change leader on left (or disband)
  • Added support for muted players
    • Plugins supported: BanManager, BungeeChat, EssentialsX
  • Added support to HEX colors (only 1.16+)
    • You can use 2 ways to generate an hex color: &#ff0000 or &x&f&f&0&0&0&0
  • Reworked configuration system
  • Reworked placeholder system
  • Reworked exp system
    • New level systems: progressive and fixed
    • There isn't a custom formula anymore
    • Added support for MMOCore and LevelPoints
    • Now killer and others have a separate formula
    • Now formulas will work in both Oracle Java and OpenJDK
    • New formulas
  • Reworked command system
    • Improved command handling in console
    • New syntax/tab system
    • Commands can be easily edited in messages.yml
  • Reworked home system
    • Now its possible to set multiple homes
    • Cross server homes too
    • Dynmap will shows all homes
  • Updated all used libraries
  • Updated supported plugins page
  • Improved rank system
  • Improved command tab
    • Added tabbing in console
    • A lot of commands have a new tab handling
  • Improved cooldown system
    • Now you can use it for teleport/home
    • Fixed for invite command
  • Improved pay system
    • Added new commands: follow, password, protection, rename, tag
    • Fixed: home, sethome
  • Improved permissions
    • Some permissions are changed: joindefault, vault
  • Improved chat command
  • Improved all messages
  • Improved remote database handling
  • Improved permissions handling
  • Improved config debug with outdated configurations
  • Improved FAQ page
  • Dropped support for CrackShot
    • Use QualityArmory instead
  • Fixed direct chat
  • Fixed auto command for BungeeCord
  • Fixed command /p cooldown
  • Updated libraries



  • Support for PlaceholderAPI 2.10.7+
  • Fixed error with exp parsing


  • Fixed placeholder parsing in party chat
  • Fixed visible vanished players with command tabbing


  • Wrong permission check for /party home command
  • Ignore command shows 2 times in /party help


  • Fixed rank command, now it won't change rank of others party members
  • Fixed spy messages on own party


  • Fixed info command via console
  • Fixed kick command via console
  • Fixed general errors on console commands


  • Fixed friendly fire error on 1.12 and lower versions


  • Fixed commands rank & kick on multiple players with the same name


  • Fixed trident friendly fire protection


  • Fixed direct message
    • Now you can use a prefix bigger than 1 character
  • Fixed spy on your own party chat message


  • Added support for /back command (EssentialsX)
  • Fixed MOTD message even if disabled


  • Now commands on offline players are case insensitive
    • Be sure to update LastLoginAPI to latest version
  • Fixed commands on offline players
    • Now you can kick/rank offline players
  • Fixed command kick wrong message
  • Fixed missing rank message


  • Improved missing rank permission message


  • Fixed errors on computers that use special characters like Turkish
  • Fixed confirm command (economy system)
  • Fixed rare warning message
  • Fixed %player_rank_name% placeholder
  • Fixed custom placeholders, now work correctly if not in party
  • Updated libraries:
    • MythicMobs 4.6-SNAPSHOT > 4.8-SNAPSHOT
    • PAPI 2.10.3 > 2.10.4


  • Improved API events handling
  • Improved configuration outdated message
  • Improved login alerts system
  • Fixed out of party placeholder
  • Fixed BungeeCord API events


  • New placeholders
    • Added %leader_uuid% and %leader_name% to get leader info
    • %list_RANK% is now usable with PlaceholderAPI and EssentialsChat
    • Added %list_RANK_number% and %list_RANK_online to get total/online number of players
    • Added %online% and %online_number to get a list/number of online players
    • Now you will be able to list party members
  • Improved home system
    • Fixed cancelled teleport in some cases, especially on powerful servers
    • Fixed parties.user.home.%time% permission
  • Fixed some typos


  • Rework spy system
    • Fixed a lot of bugs related to colors/format
    • Now there is a format for all messages: party chat and party broadcast
  • New placeholders
    • Added a new placeholder for out of party players %out_party%
    • Useful to create javascript placeholders with PAPI or just flag a player as not in party
    • Example: [%party%%out_party%] => In: [MyParty], Out: [None]
    • Removed unused prefix/suffix placeholders
  • Improved login alerts
    • Now there is an alert for plugin updates and configuration outdated
    • Added permission parties.admin.alerts
    • Removed permission parties.admin.updates
  • Improved log system
    • Improved exp drop debug log
  • Improved SQL database upgrade
  • Improved info and rank command
  • Fixed bungeecord wrong config.yml
  • Fixed log messages on /party help command
  • Removed unused log table from schemas
  • Code cleanup
  • Updated libraries:
    • MythicMobs 4.5.3-SNAPSHOT > 4.6-SNAPSHOT


  • Support for 1.14
  • Parties has been reworked
    • Every feature has been reworked so now works THE SAME but better
  • API completely reworked
    • Deprecated a tons of methods
    • Improved objects to avoid using PartiesAPI
    • You do not have to update player/party anymore
    • Added async and sync events (1.14 requirement)
  • Added LastLoginAPI support
    • This is a new plugin developed by me to handle offline players
    • In this version is REQUIRED
    • It will allow me to get a lot of info about offline players, I'm not able to do that with only Bukkit
    • Removed name and timestamp data from the database
    • Removed %lastseen% placeholder, LastLoginAPI have a better one!
  • Added console commands
    • Now you will be able to use a lot more commands via the console
  • Added player conflict to rank command too (previously only kick)
  • Removed migrate command
    • Migration is complicated and hard to maintain
    • There will be a new feature that allows you to extract/import a database
  • Removed log to database
    • You are still able to log to file
    • Removed debug levels, now there is only a debug option
  • Improved invite command
    • Now supports more than 1 invite, a player can choose which accept/deny
  • A lot of improvements with SQLite database
  • Improved configuration comments and structure
  • Now bukkit follow party uses milliseconds instead of ticks
  • Now motd uses milliseconds instead of ticks
  • Updated libraries:
    • BanManager 5.15.0 > 6.0.2
    • bStats 1.4 > 1.5
    • configurate 2.0.2 > 3.6.1
    • GriefPrevention 16.11.5 > 16.11.6
    • HikariCP 3.3.0 > 3.3.1
    • LastLoginAPI 1.1.0 > 1.1.1
    • MythicMobs 4.5.1 > 4.5.3-SNAPSHOT
    • PAPI 2.9.2 > 2.10.3
    • Powermock 2.0.0 > 2.0.2
    • SQLite JDBC 3.25.2 >



  • Fixed overwriting of commands


  • Fixed spam in console when using /party help


  • API changes
    • Added a new event for BungeeCord: BungeePartiesPartyFollowEvent
    • Improved documentation of PartiesAPI
    • Added new methods to Party: getFollowEnabled, setFollowEnabled and isFollowEnabled
  • Added version command
    • Show information about Parties
  • Reworked commands system
    • Added tab support for BungeeCord
    • Improved tab support system
  • Reworked home system
    • Greatly improved performance of teleport delay
  • Reworked censor system
    • Removed global censor system
    • Now each command have its own censor, based on regex rules
    • Supported commands: party name, chat, description and motd
  • Improved documentation
  • Improved follow party system
    • Added command follow to toggle on/off this feature for each party
  • Improved exp system
    • Added %level% to exp divide formula
  • Improved reload command
    • Now it reloads correctly all commands, exp system, auto command and bungeecord sync
  • Improved messages
  • Fixed party disband/delete on MySQL database
  • Fixed party chat cooldown
  • Updated external libraries:
    • CrackShot 0.98.8 > 0.98.9



  • Fixed documentation links of configuration files
  • Updated external libraries:
    • HikariCP 3.2.0 > 3.3.0
    • MythicMobs 4.4.1 > 4.5.1
    • Powermock 2.0.0-RC.4 > 2.0.0


  • Improved MySQL support
    • Now it supports MySQL 8
    • Fixed query caching
    • Insert address and port separately
    • By default use-ssl option is on false
  • Fixed chat cooldown
  • Updated external libraries:
    • Powermock 2.0.0-RC.3 > 2.0.0-RC.4


  • Sub commands are now case insensitive (/party create = /party CreaTe)
  • Improved messaging system
    • If your server receive a lot of Parties packets from other servers it won't lag anymore
  • Fixed name timestamp
    • Now it will change only on join & leave
  • Updated external libraries:
    • Compiled with Spigot 1.13.2
    • bStats 1.2 > 1.4
    • Lombok 1.18.2 > 1.18.4
    • Powermock 2.0.0-beta1 > 2.0.0-RC.3
    • SQLiteJDBC 3.23.1 > 3.25.2


  • Fixed command invite that wasn't adding the invited player into the party
  • Improved chat command error check


  • Fixed SQLite log errors
    • Delete ''parties_log'' table to fix it
  • Now log lines are saved correctly on SQL databases
  • Improved error handling on log dispatchers
    • The server won't go in loop on errors about log dispatchers
  • Improved SQLite database structure


  • Improved invite system
    • Removed some errors that could appear when using cooldown
    • General improvements
  • Improved follow party for BungeeCord
    • Removed whitelist servers
    • Added blacklist servers (regexes supported)
    • You won't receive the message if you are already into the leader server


  • Improved ''lastseen'' placeholder
    • Now you decide how to display it
    • Time elapsed (how many days are passed?) or exact date time (the last login day)
  • Improved info command
    • Now you choose how to format the online/offline player
    • Removed prefixes, now you can format it completely
    • You can make a nested JSON for the info command
  • Removed multiple messages about already-in-party
  • Fixed BungeeCord invite timeout error


  • API Changes
    • Removed deprecated APIs: prefix, suffix and preventNotify
    • Replaced events: PlayerJoinEvent & PlayerLeaveEvent
    • Added new events: PlayerPreJoinEvent, PlayerPostJoinEvent, PlayerPreLeaveEvent & PlayerPostLeaveEvent
    • Fixed, delete cause of command kick is now KICK instead of LEAVE
  • Added Spigot/Bukkit sync
    • Called: bungeecord-sync
    • If you have different servers inside a Bungeecord network, you can synchronize databases and dispatch messages
  • Added follow party for BungeeCord
    • When the leader change the server, every member of the party will follow him
  • Added color party chat permissions
    • You can choose who can send colored messages into the chat
    • Supports normal permissions and rank permissions
  • Added custom placeholders
    • Now you can create your own Parties placeholders
    • Use them outside Parties thanks to PlaceholderAPI!
  • Added regex support to censor system
  • Added %lastseen% placeholder
    • Now you can see last login information (configurable format)
    • Removed %time% and %date% from kick conflict messages
  • Added missing sql upgrade options into bungeecord config
  • Added error messages if a regex pattern fails
  • Improved placeholders handling
  • Improved info command
  • Updated libraries
    • API JetBrains annotations: 16.0.3
    • Powermock: 2.0.0-beta.5
    • Lombok: 1.18.2
    • Bukkit: 1.13.1
    • GriefPreventions: 16.11.4
    • PlaceholderAPI: 2.9.2
    • ProtocolLib: 4.4.0
  • You cannot set leaders of a fixed party
  • Fixed reload command for BungeeCord
  • Fixed @ character at the start of the message when using direct chat
  • Fixed join message not converting placeholders
  • Fixed sethome error on removing
  • Fixed permission parties.admin.joindefault.bypass
  • A lot of code cleanup



  • Reworked events API
    • Now you can correctly hook into Parties event API
    • Splitted bukkit & bungee event api (different packages, just append Bukkit/Bungee to the event class)
    • Read more about that here.


  • Important database change
    • Now YAML and SQLite database get party with INSENSITIVE CASE
    • You cannot create same party name like aaa, Aaa, or AAA
    • If your database contains party names like that, EDIT THEM before update the plugin
  • Now you will receive an error message if you are trying to use an old version of PlaceholderAPI or MythicMobs
  • Removed unused MySQL connection timeout option
  • Fixed MythicMob error on startup even if you disabled it


  • Compiled with 1.13.1
  • Fixed MythicMob error on startup even if you disabled it


  • Fixed help message of claim command (now you can edit it)


  • API changes
    • Added getProtection and setProtection to Party
    • Added isMuted and setMuted to PartyPlayer
    • Deprecated isPreventNotify and setPreventNotify from PartyPlayer
  • Database changes
    • Parties: column pvp changed into protection
    • Players: column notify changed into mute
  • Changed pvp command into protection
    • New permissions: parties.user.protection & parties.admin.protection.bypass
    • New rank permission: party.edit.protection
    • Messages updated
  • Changed notify command into mute
    • New permission: parties.user.mute
    • Messages updated
  • Improved exp system
  • Improved log file format
  • Fixed MythicMob bug on party reload
  • Fixed command register error


  • Fixed range of EXP sharing


  • API changes
    • New repository (JitPack), more info here
    • Javadoc integrated into maven jar
    • Deprecated methods related to prefix & suffix, they will be removed with future versions
    • New methods for Party object: getExperience(), setExperience(), getLevel() & isFriendlyFireProtected()
  • New EXP system
    • You can store experience that players get to level up parties
    • Completely customize how levels work
    • New drop system
    • You can handle as you wish normal and skillapi experience
    • Added SkillAPI support
    • Added MythicMobs 4.4+ support
    • Read more info here
    • New related placeholders: %experience_total%, %experience_level%, %experience_levelup_current% & %experience_levelup_necessary%
  • New friendly fire system
    • You can set it global or command
    • global is like the old one, prevent friendly fire everywhere (bypassable with permissions)
    • command enable /party pvp [on/off] command, you can enable/disable friendly fire of your party
    • Removed worlds support for friendly fire, you can use permissions to do the same thing
  • SQL database changes:
    • Removed prefix & suffix columns
    • Added experience and pvp columns
  • Improved SQL databases upgrade system
    • Improved how it works
    • Added a option to backup the table before the upgrade
  • Added test unit to check if default configuration is the same of the hard coded one
  • Updated bStats charts
  • Fixed permission parties.admin.create.fixed missing into parties.admin.* (only bukkit)
  • Fixed wrong tag %rank_type%, the correct one is %rank_name% (used when you change rank)


  • Fixed spy chat format (now %message% works)
  • Removed unused log4j dependency


  • Changed permissions to be more accessible with wildcards
    • Update your permissions!
  • Fixed joindefault permission, now its required to auto-join into the default party


  • Supports Minecraft 1.13
  • Parties now fully supports BungeeCord!
    • You can install it into bungeecord plugins folder and use party commands in every server!
    • Parties for Bungeecord doesn't have all features that have Bukkit ones
    • New features will come with new updates!
    • Parties for Bungeecord is based on permissions, like Bukkit version, so be sure you give to players right permissions (you can even use LuckPerms)
  • JSON support
    • You can use JSON messages in every option of Parties
    • By default some messages are already written in JSON (On click command, hover messages, etc..)
  • Due to project rewrite, has been temporary removed EXP and Tag system
    • I'm already working on a new EXP and Tag system
    • MythicMobs incoming...
  • Tons of API changes
    • The package has been changed into com.alessiodp.parties.api (previous one: com.alessiodp.partiesapi)
    • Removed old deprecated methods
    • Improved Javadoc
  • Added a direct message feature
    • Now you can write into party chat by adding a prefix into a message
    • For example: @this is a party message
    • Disabled by default
  • Updated PlaceholderAPI to support offline players
  • Improved home command
    • Greatly improved performance if you use delay teleport
  • Improved help command
    • Improved performance
    • Now you can choose the print order of each command
    • By default JSON, you can click on them to auto-write the command
  • Changed from Java IO to Java NIO (Read/write java library)
  • Improved notify command
    • Added on/off sub-command
  • Fixed follow system
    • Now it works correctly
  • Fixed hidden parties option of list command
  • Fixed wrong message of /party claim remove command
  • Fixed BanManager auto-kick on ban
  • Removed GravityUpdater
  • Removed tablist support
  • Removed save-kills option, not used anymore
  • Removed wrong info command message
  • Removed wrong migrate command message



  • Fixed a possible error on sending messages to offline players


  • Updated PlaceholderAPI & HikariCP libraries
  • Fixed EssentialsChat placeholders not colored


  • Fixed notify messages


  • Removed unused party ranks: desc, motd
  • Fixed members limit
  • Fixed placeholder error (PlaceholderAPI & co.)


  • Fixed reload command permission


  • Fixed p command error
  • Fixed none database doesn't work properly


  • Improved Bungeecord configuration
  • Fixed follow party for Bungeecord version
  • Removed debug messages for Bungeecord version


  • Added a cooldown for invite command
    • Now you can prevent invite spam from players
    • Global: prevent to invite anyone for X seconds
    • Individual: prevent to invite the same player for X seconds
    • You can still revoke the invite
  • Improved command system
    • Improved async command system
    • Now you can temporarily give to the player a permission to perform a command
  • Updated dependencies: PlaceholderAPI and HikariCP
  • Fixed wrong join permission message


  • Fixed whitelist of auto-command system
  • Fixed auto-command errors


  • Improved debug for exp system
  • Fixed exp sharing with SkillAPI
  • Fixed log position placeholder


  • Fixed rank command not saving changes properly


  • Fixed teleport command
    • Fixed follow party feature


  • Fixed confirm command
  • Fixed home command
  • Fixed %rank_typed% placeholder
  • Fixed join/leave notification showing twice on kick


  • Fixed Tag system errors
  • Fixed createParty not saving correctly (workaround)


  • Improved Maven API, fixed Parties missing dependency
  • Fixed better tag system


  • Now MySQL database fully supports unicode characters (utf8)
  • Updated russian translation, thanks to Tobishua


  • Updated API PartyPlayer to handle Player entities without a name (like npcs)
  • Fixed error on npc left click
  • Fixed a possible error with async database
  • Correctly updated config.yml (for 2.2.3 changes)


  • Improved SQL database
    • Added an option to set useSSL flag
    • Added a new table parties_versions to store database version
  • Changed database upgrade system
  • Now you can migrate name timestamps too
  • Fixed an error that can occur if you are migrating parties that have an home in a non-existing world
  • Fixed SQLite database
  • Fixed home command
  • Fixed tag system error


  • Fixed color problems
  • Fixed MOTD display
  • Completely fixed PlaceholderAPI problems
  • Fixed some errors that could appear if you don't have specific plugins
  • Temporary fix addon errors


  • Fixed PlaceholderAPI placeholders (still investigating on it)
  • Temporary fix addon errors


  • A lot of little changes that I cannot list here :P
  • Now Parties requires Java 8!
  • Parties becomes Async!
    • I have worked hard to make that, Parties is now asynchronous
    • Database, commands, and other things will work async on your server
    • Parties won't negatively affect server performance
  • New APIs:
    • Added a Javadoc
    • Added Party and PartyPlayer entities
    • Deprecated a lot of methods, deprecations will be deleted with future updates so UPDATE YOUR PLUGINS
  • New configuration system
    • Reworked config.yml and messages.yml
    • Added a new configuration file: parties.yml
    • Better configuration
    • Improved a lot of features
    • More customizations
  • Added CrackShot support
    • Now you can prevent CrackShot weapons friendly fire
  • Added notify command
    • You can silence invites
  • Improved database system
    • Better configuration
    • Added charset option to MySQL
    • Added SQLite support
    • Log system can only use sql-based or txt storage type
    • A lot of improvements about performance
  • Improved reload command
    • Now you can reload every Parties feature
    • Databases too
  • Improved censor system
    • Now censor system is a global feature
    • Used to censor party name, description, motd, etc..
  • Improved rank/color/tag systems
  • Improved addons manager
  • Removed auto leave from party when use party join
  • Removed members command, replaced by info command
  • Changed some permissions



  • Fixed updater scheduling
  • Fixed updater async


  • Fixed rank command error on offline/non-existent players


  • Fixed home command
  • Fixed null players in members and info commands
  • Fixed log to file


  • Fixed list limit bug


  • New APIs
    • Added getColor, setColor & getColorList
  • Improved color system
    • Added dynamic color support
    • Now you can add a specific color if your party reaches X members/kills
  • Improved placeholder system
    • Removed %rank%
    • Added %rank_name% & %rank_chat%
    • Every placeholder is now configurable via config.yml
  • Improved list command
    • Added limit parties option
    • Added option to enable/disable list command
  • Improved configuration system
  • Improved rank system
  • Fixed color save on YAML database
  • Fixed kills placeholder (%kills => %kills%)


  • Fixed help page
    • Added color command


  • New storage system
    • Incoming supports for new storage types
    • Currently supports: YAML and MySQL
    • Improved MySQL, supports connection pool
    • Same storage for log and database
    • Completely customizable
  • Added color system
    • New command: /party color
    • Now you can set a color for your party
    • Disabled by default
    • 3 new placeholders
    • Completely customizable
  • Added a general sub-command: remove
  • Improved list messages
  • Improved PlaceholderAPI system
  • Fixed exp system giving SkillAPI exp even if disabled



  • Fixed EssentialsChat placeholders colors
  • Debug: improved database debug calls


  • Fixed API
    • Method: createParty


  • Fixed spy system
    • Correctly formatted
    • Data save on file fixed
  • Fixed kick command
    • Now you can kick an offline player


  • Improved updater system
    • Checks for updates every 24 hours
  • Fixed accept command
  • Fixed key size on SQL database
    • Now you can set the size of varchars
    • Same for the log table
  • Fixed messages printed two times


  • New API for developers!
    • Removed old methods
    • New methods
    • Added support for events handling
  • New kick system
    • Now you can kick unknown players
    • You can choose who kick when there are homonyms
    • Display last login date, last name used on the server or the new MC username
  • New SQL system
    • Better performance
    • A correct approach to the database
    • Implemented a system to easily update the database (same for the normal database)
  • Added a new command: teleport
    • Teleport your partymates to you
    • New Permission: parties.teleport
  • Added tab support
    • Now you can tab to write party commands
    • Permission based
  • Added cooldown to chat
    • Set a cooldown to send a party message
    • Rank bypass allowed
  • Added login & logout notifications
  • Added a permission to bypass rank restrictions:
    • New permission: parties.admin.rankbypass
    • Now you can edit other parties (like fixed ones)
  • Added an option to speak colored into the party chat
  • Removed PEX & GroupManager support
    • LuckPerms is better ;)
    • Useless to handle, you can get the same placeholders via PlaceholderAPI
    • Use: %vault_rank% instead of %group%
  • Removed DeluxeChat support
    • Useless because Parties already hook into PlaceholderAPI
  • Improved player handler system
    • Greatly improved performances
    • Unload players and parties upon leave
  • Improved log system
    • Better console integration
    • Better SQL support
    • New option to print messages on the console
  • Improved rename command
    • Now the leader can rename his party (party rank based)
    • Admins can still use rename command for other parties
    • Greatly improved performance
  • Improved none database
    • Reworked, everything should works now
  • Improved spy system
    • Improved performance
    • Fixed colors bug
    • Spy messages doesn't appear anymore into the console (printing 2 times the same thing)
    • New format
  • Improved addons handler
    • Now you can see if Parties fails to hook into a plugin
  • Improved vault integration (removed Vault chat)
    • Removed Vault chat integration, you can use PlaceholderAPI placeholders
    • Now you can correctly use every placeholder of Vault (thanks to PlaceholderAPI)
    • Improved price system
    • New commands supported: join, teleport, claim
  • Improved list command
    • Improved performance
    • Now it loads offline parties
    • You can see every party that exists
  • Improved password system
    • You can't see anymore the password through the console
    • Commands join and password are hidden
  • Improved updater system
    • It starts when the server finishes to load (better performance, no impact to the server boot time)
    • Now it works with strange versions (developments builds)
    • Doesn't alert anymore when it finds an older version
  • Improved bStats statistics
    • Added new charts: exp, vault, tag, api
  • Improved censor system
  • Improved help page system
  • Improved GriefPrevention support
  • Improved config.yml and messages.yml
  • Improved Parties code, tons of code cleanup
  • Fixed option to change database file name
  • Fixed player cannot damage himself due to friendly fire
  • Fixed Dynmap errors if it isn't hooked
  • Fixed command reload that doesn't reload ranks



  • Fixed error with distance of exp system
  • Fixed error with MythicMobs handler


  • Improved SkillAPI support
    • Now get exp from MythicMob if enabled
  • Fixed rename command bugged


  • Improved EXP system
    • New option to split experience
    • Improved exp split
  • New statistic system
    • Deprecated old MCStats
    • Added new bStats (thanks to BtoBastian)
  • Fixed colors with party and rank placeholders
  • Fixed ProtocolLib error
  • Improved startup messages


  • Added SkillApi support
    • Earn exp with your party!
    • Editable exp-source
  • Improved exp system
    • Works with SkillAPI
    • Moved from config.yml line 38 to 395
  • Party name editable placeholder
    • Now you can edit your %parties_party% placeholder (config.yml line 97)
  • Improved ProtocolLib support
    • Default to false
    • Fixed some errors
  • Fixed prefix/suffix error (Received string length longer than maximum allowed)
  • Fixed Updater error
  • Updated doc


  • Fixed load error if ProtocolLib doesn't exist


  • Improved messages
    • Fixed grammar errors
    • Thanks to Somegras


  • Added ProtocolLib (4.0+) support
    • Color your tablist!
    • Edit header and footer of your tablist
  • Added option to create permanent parties
    • Option called "fixed"
    • Usage: /party create <party> fixed
    • Added in help page
    • New permission: parties.admin.fixed
  • Added option to set as default a party
    • New permission: parties.joindefault
    • New admin permission: parties.admin.joindefault.bypass
  • Added option to automatic leave party when /party join is used
  • Added prefix and suffix placeholders
  • Improved log system
    • Improved log messages
    • New debug messages
    • New placeholder: %position% (Used to report bugs)
  • Improved kick
    • New messages on kick players in other parties
    • Fixed wrong messages
  • Improved database system
    • A lot of code cleaning
    • Greatly improved sql system
  • Improved configuration notes
  • Fixed problem to load homes with SQL
  • Fixed wrong package in pom.xml
  • Fixed migration command
    • Fixed wrong password migration
    • Fixed migration to sql