Parties configuration is based on 4 files, they are created at the start:

  • config.yml - Configuration file with basic options
  • parties.yml - Configuration file with options relative to party management
  • messages.yml - Configuration file for every message of Parties
  • Database storage

config.yml and parties.yml

config.yml and parties.yml are the files that you need to edit to customize Parties.
There are a lot of comments to help you to make a good configuration.
You can find a list of available tags and the relative explanation of every option.

Parties let you customize everything! You can enable/disable features and customize them in every aspect!


messages.yml is the file that you need to edit Parties messages, every message is configurable!
Messages are grouped for each commands, or feature.

You can insert both JSON and normal messages, in every message that you see in messages.yml

Database storage

File based

These are the storage type that use a file to save Parties data:

  • YAML is a flat file storage, you can edit and see the data by opening the file
  • H2 is the default storage and make a relational database that you can open with a specific console
  • SQLite is a relational database storage

Remote database based

Parties supports these three remote storage type:

  • MariaDB the recommended MySQL database if you are running Linux
  • MySQL the basic MySQL database
  • PostgreSQL another a lot of used database

Alternative messages.yml

A lot of users are interested to alternative messages to change all commands from party to guild or clan. Here you can find a pre-edited file that you can replace in your plugin folder:

You must change the commands at the end of config.yml Example:

command: 'guild'
description: 'Guilds help page'
aliases: []
command: 'g'
description: 'Send a guild message'
aliases: []