Experience and levels

Parties have a full customizable experience system, you can edit everything! I hope this guide will help you to configure it as you wish.

The experience system is meant to be used via the API so you can differentiate each party on a experience/level base.

By default there is only a way to gain experience, killing mobs. Otherwise you must use the Parties API to give experience.


You can choose how to calculate levels. Parties offers 2 modes: progressive and fixed.


You have an infinite number of levels, every time it will be created a level bigger than the old one thanks to the "multiplier" that you set into the config.

This is an example of progressive levels:

  start-level-experience: 50
  level-experience: "%previous% * 2"

Result: Level 1: 50 exp, Level 2: 100 exp, Level 3: 200 exp, Level 4: 400 exp, Level 5: 800 exp.


You have a finite number of levels (or infinite if you enable repeat-last-one), you choose how many levels to create thanks to the fixed list. This is an example:

  repeat-last-one: true
    - 50
    - 100
    - 200
    - 350
    - 650
    - 900

Result: Level 1: 50 exp, Level 2: 100 exp, Level 3: 200 exp, Level 4: 350 exp.

How to give experience

By default, the only way to get experience is by killing mobs (configurable).

This system is not meant to be used out of the box but useful for developers/custom servers to set a valuable number, experience or level, to parties.

Parties offers a lot of events/methods to set experience and those are the correct way to use this system.