Experience and levels

Parties have a full customizable experience system, you can edit everything! I hope this guide will help you to configure it as you wish.

Levels (optional)

If you enable levels system, you can start to store experience got by users into the party.
With this you can give a level to each party, you can choose which kind of experience use (normal experience or skillapi one).

There are 3 different of modes that you can use to generate levels:


You have an infinite number of levels, every time it will be created a level bigger than the old one thanks to the "multiplier" that you find into the config.

This is an example of firsts levels: Level 1: 100 exp, Level 2: 200 exp, Level 3: 400 exp, Level 4: 800 exp, Level 5: 1600 exp.


You have a finite number of levels, you choose how many levels to create thanks to the fixed list. This is an example:

  - 100
  - 500
  - 1000

This is an example of levels: Level 1: 100, Level 2: 500, Level 3: 1000.


This is an advanced way to make levels, I highly discourage you to use this except if you need to create a complex formula to handle levels.

You are allowed to make every Javascript formula with this mode, this is the default one explained:
By default the formula is: 2 + (Math.log(%total_exp%/100) / Math.log(2)), you can write it as f(x) = 2*log2(x/100).

This is very similar to the default progressive mode, except for how do it handle experience: with progressive mode, to reach level 3 you need a total of 700 experience, with this one you need 400.

EXP dropping

We've talked about how to handle the experience that we got, here you will decide how to get and use the experience.
Firstly you can choose which experience to get from mobs: Normal or SkillAPI experience, both too.

How do you want to use this experience? You choose it from convert-exp-into options:
The experience that you get you can choose how to transfer it:

  • party: Send it to the party (accumulating level experience)
  • normal: Send it to the player as normal player experience
  • skillapi: Send it to the player as SkillAPI experience You can even decide if you want to remove it from the loot with remove-real-exp option.

⚠️ SkillAPI settings: Be sure that the option use-exp-orbs is on false! ⚠️


You can decide if share the experience with the party if players are near the killed entity. It will works only if you are not using party convert exp.
You can choose how many players need to be near the entity (if-more-than), the exact range (range) and the formula to split the experience (divide-formula).

Quick example: If you are with your friend near a mob, you kill it and it drops 50 experience. Each player will receive 25 experience (you decide the formula).

External plugins

Parties supports SkillAPI to handle that kind of experience, if you enable it then you can GET and SEND SkillAPI exp to players.
You can even share experience of MythicMobs entities, Parties will directly get both normal experience and skillapi experience from mob loot table.