Auto command

Auto command feature allows you to let party members repeat the same command used by the party leader. You can use it to let the entire party join a minigame or change world/server.

Anyone with rank permission party.autocommand that perform a non-blacklisted command will force other members to do the same command.

Regex commands

You can choose which command allow/negate thanks to regexes (regular expressions).

You can use this online tool to make your own regex.

Example 1

regex-whitelist: '^(\/join|\/anothercommand).*'

The player will be able to auto-command only /join and /anothercommand command, like: /join example1, /anothercommand12345.

Example 2

regex-whitelist: '^(?!(\/party|\/pay|\/money)).*'

The player will be able to auto-command all commands except ones that start with /party, /pay and /money.

BungeeCord and Bukkit

You can use auto command in both types of servers, but the plugin is only capable to handle the command if the relative plugin is in the same plugins folder.

If you wanna use BOTH of them, you have to enable auto commands in Bungee with only the commands for that server and the same thing for Bukkit.