Supported plugins

Currently known supported plugins, if you wanna add a plugin here contact me on Discord.


Automatically kick from the party on player ban and prevent party chat if muted (configurable).


BedWars1058 supports Parties, so you can join into the minigame with your entire party!


Parties prevents muted players to use the party chat.


You can show the home location of the party. Its configurable from the config.yml. You can edit the layer, label and icon of the marker, also you can choose to show the marker by default.


Parties correctly save the old location to let you use /back correctly and prevent muted players to use the party chat.

GriefDefender & GriefPrevention

If you are the leader of the party (configurable), you can grant some permission to your partymates with the command /party claim. When this command is used, the current claim where you are will be edited to add the claim permission to your entire party.

There are 3 different sub-commands for every access-type (configurable): build/container/access. (manager for GriefDefender)
You can remove a permission with /party claim remove.

You need to use this command inside a claim as the owner/manager of that.

LastLoginAPI (Recommended)

Thanks to this plugin, Parties will be able to get offline players via their name and you will be able to use commands on offline players and see their names in commands. Its supported on both Spigot and BungeeCord version.
You can read more info about that plugin here.


Parties support LevelPoints so you can decide to send the dropped experience directly to it.

Marcely's Bedwars

Marcely's Bedwars supports Parties, so you can join into the minigame with your entire party!


Parties support LevelPoints so you can decide to send the dropped experience directly to it.


You can improve Parties exp system by supporting MythicMobs entities.

PlaceholderAPI & EssentialsChat (Recommended)

Plugin placeholders are automatically parsed if used by PlaceholdersAPI or EssentialsChat.
You can read more about placeholders here.

Plugily Projects

All plugins developed by Plugily team support Parties. Most famous plugins are: Build Battle, Murder Mystery and Village Defense.


Parties hooks into PremiumVanish, BungeeCord version, to figure out if a player is vanished or not.


ShowItem allows user to use its special placeholders in party chat (enabled with /party chat toggle) and /p command. For the /p command you need to add it to the ShowItem config.yml, like this:

  # ...
  # A list of commands where we should replace the variable with the item info
  - "msg"
  - "say"
  - "me"
  - "ch"
  - "p"

Quality Armory

Quality Armory support Parties, so you cannot deal damage to party members if the friendly fire protection is enabled.

Quests (Recommended)

Quests support Parties, so you can do quests with your party members with some new features like: distance between members, complete a quest for all party members (even if offline), reward with party experience.


If you are using the exp feature, you can give the exp through SkillAPI or get dropped experience from its table drops. You can configure the ExpSource from the config.yml.


Parties automatically implements Skript if installed.
Thanks to it you can handle most important events, party and partyplayer data.

You can find the documentation on SkriptHub or skUnity.

If you have problems of expression overriding, you can disable Parties hooking in config.yml.


You can give a price to some commands, to do that Parties will hook into Vault. If you are interested about that feature, just take a look to the config.yml.

To perform a command that cost you money, you need to confirm that with /party confirm (configurable).

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