Commands reference

Every command is configurable, you can change it into whatever you want by editing last options of config.yml and messages.yml.

By default, every command is based on a permission that is given only to operators by default.
So you must setup permissions before start to using them.

Command /party

/party is the main command of Parties, if you want to use that command without any sub-command you must have parties.user.help permission set.

Structure of the command: /party <sub command> [arguments]

Global commands

Sub-commandPermissionDescriptionDefault onUsable by console
help [page]parties.user.helpShow help pagesYesYes
accept [party/player]parties.user.acceptAccept a party requestYesNo
ask [party]parties.user.askSend a join requestYesNo
chat [on/off]parties.user.chatToggle on/off to directly send messages in party chatYesNo
close [party]parties.user.closeClose the partyNoYes
color <color>parties.user.colorChange the party colorNoNo
create [name]parties.user.createCreate a new partyYesNo
createfixed <name>parties.user.admin.create.fixedCreate a new fixed partyNoYes
debug bungeecordparties.admin.debugShow some debug info about bungeecord syncNoYes
debug configparties.admin.debugShow some debug info about configYesYes
debug expparties.admin.debugShow some debug info about expYesYes
debug party [party]parties.admin.debugShow some debug info about the partyYesYes
debug player [player]parties.admin.debugShow some debug info about the playerYesYes
delete <party>parties.admin.deleteDelete the partyYesYes
delete <party> [silent]parties.admin.delete.silentDelete the party silentlyYesYes
denyparties.user.denyDeny a party requestYesNo
desc <new desc/remove>parties.user.descSet/remove description of the partyNoNo
follow [on/off]parties.user.followToggle on/off the follow leader featureNoNo
homeparties.user.homeTeleport to your party homeNoNo
home [party]parties.admin.home.othersTeleport to the party homeNoNo
ignore [party]parties.user.ignoreAdd/remove/show ignore partiesYesNo
infoparties.user.infoShow information of your partyYesNo
info [party]parties.user.info.othersShow information of another party informationYesYes
invite <player>parties.user.inviteInvite a player into your partyYesNo
join <party> [password]parties.user.joinJoin into a party with the given passwordNoNo
join <party>parties.admin.join.bypassJoin into a party without type the passwordNoNo
kick <player>parties.user.kickKick the player from your partyYesNo
kick <player>parties.admin.kick.othersKick the player from his partyYesYes
leaveparties.user.leaveLeave the partyYesNo
list [page]parties.user.listList of online partiesNoYes
motd <new motd/remove>parties.user.motdSet/remove the party motdNoNo
mute [on/off]parties.user.muteToggle on/off party notificationsNoNo
nickname <player> [nickname/remove]parties.user.nicknameSet/remove member nicknameNoYes
open [party]parties.user.openOpen the partyNoYes
password <new password/remove>parties.user.passwordSet/change the password of your partyNoNo
protection [on/off]parties.user.protectionToggle friendly fire protectionNoNo
rank <player> <new rank>parties.user.rankChange the player rank, must be into your partyYesNo
rank <player> <new rank>parties.admin.rank.othersChange the player rankYesYes
reloadparties.admin.reloadReload Parties configuration filesYesYes
rename <new name>parties.user.renameRename your partyYesNo
rename [party] <new name>parties.admin.rename.othersRename the partyYesYes
sethome [remove]parties.user.sethomeSet/remove party homeNoNo
spy [on/off]parties.admin.spyToggle on/off spy so you can see all party messagesYesNo
tag <new tag/remove>parties.user.tagSet/remove the party tagNoNo
teleportparties.user.teleportTeleport your party members to youNoNo
versionparties.admin.versionShow Parties informationYesYes

Bukkit/Spigot only commands

Sub-commandPermissionDescriptionDefault onUsable by console
claim <permission>parties.user.claimGrant the permission to the GriefDefender/GriefPrevention claim that you are standing onNoNo
confirm-Confirm the command, used with Vault supportNoNo

Command /p

/p is the command used to send a message to the party, if you want to use that command you must have the parties.user.sendmessage permission set.

Structure of the command: /p <message>