Commands reference

Every command is configurable, you can change it into whatever you want by editing last options of config.yml.

By default, every command is based on a permission that is given only to operators by default.
So you must setup permissions before start to using them.

Command /party

/party is the main command of Parties, if you want to use that command without any sub-command you must have permission set.

Structure of the command: /party <sub command> [arguments]

Global commands

Sub-command Permission Description Default on
accept parties.user.accept Accept a party invitation Yes
chat [on/off] Toggle on/off the party chat so you can directly write into global chat to send a message into party chat Yes
color <color> parties.user.color Change the color of the party No
create <name> parties.user.create Create a party with the given name Yes
create <name> [fixed] parties.user.admin.create.fixed Create a fixed party with the given name Yes
delete <party> parties.admin.delete Delete the party Yes
delete <party> [silent] parties.admin.delete.silent Delete the party silently Yes
deny parties.user.deny Deny a party invitation Yes
desc <new desc/remove> parties.user.desc Set/remove description of the party No
follow [on/off] parties.user.follow Toggle on/off the follow leader feature No
help [page] Show help pages Yes
ignore [party] parties.user.ignore Add/remove/show ignore parties Yes
info Show information of your party Yes
info [party] Show information of another party information Yes
invite <player> parties.user.invite Invite a player into your party Yes
join <party> [password] parties.user.join Join into a party with the given password No
join <party> parties.admin.join.bypass Join into a party without type the password No
kick <player> parties.user.kick Kick the player from your party Yes
kick <player> parties.admin.kick.others Kick the player from his party Yes
leave parties.user.leave Leave the party Yes
list [page] parties.user.list List of online parties No
migrate <old> <new> parties.admin.migrate Copy the data from a database into another one Yes
motd <new motd/remove> parties.user.motd Set/remove the party motd No
mute [on/off] parties.user.mute Toggle on/off party notifications No
password <new password> parties.user.password Set/change the password of your party No
rank <player> <new rank> parties.user.rank Change the player rank, must be into your party Yes
rank <player> <new rank> parties.admin.rank.others Change the player rank Yes
reload parties.admin.reload Reload Parties configuration files Yes
rename <new name> parties.user.rename Rename your party Yes
rename [party] <new name> parties.admin.rename.others Rename the party Yes
spy [on/off] parties.admin.spy Toggle on/off spy so you can see all party messages Yes
version parties.admin.version Show Parties information Yes

Bukkit/Spigot only commands

Sub-command Permission Description Default on
claim <permission> parties.user.claim Grant the permission to the GriefPrevention claim that you are standing on No
home parties.user.home Teleport to your party home No
home [party] parties.admin.home.others Teleport to the party home No
protection [on/off] Toggle friendly fire protection No
sethome [remove] parties.user.sethome Set/remove party home No
teleport parties.user.teleport Teleport your party members to you No

Command /p

/p is the command used to send a message to the party, if you want to use that command you must have the parties.user.sendmessage permission set.

Structure of the command: /p <message>