Supported plugins

Parties is currently supporting these plugins:


If the option is enabled, Parties will hook into BM when there is a ban, so it will delete the player data.
If a player is muted, he can't speak in party chat.


You can improve Parties friendly fire system by supporting CrackShot weapons.


You can setup Dynmap settings from the config.yml. You can edit the layer, label and icon of the marker, also you can choose if it should shows by default the markers.


If you are the leader of the party (configurable), you can grant some permission to your partymates with the command /party claim.

There are 3 different sub-commands for every access-type (configurable): build/container/access.
You can remove a permission with /party claim remove.

You need to use this command inside a claim as the owner/manager of that.


You can improve Parties exp system by supporting MythicMobs entities.

PlaceholderAPI & EssentialsChat

You can read about placeholders here.


If you are using the exp feature, you can give the exp through SkillAPI. You can configure the ExpSource from the config.yml.


You can give a price to some commands, to do that Parties will hook into Vault. If you are interested about that feature, just take a look to the config.yml.

To perform a command that cost you money, you need to confirm that with /party confirm (configurable).